◇03/09 20:45

Germany- Argentina(Frd)

◇07/09 20:45

Germany- Scottland(EMQ)


◇13/09 15:30

st.3 BvB- Freigurg

UEFA Champions League

◇16/09 20:45

st.1 BvB- Arsenal

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♕Yᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴏɴᴇ♕

Han, Asian, girl.

Friendly remind: Do not repost my stuff. Me and tumblr staffs both can recognize they are the same even you cut my watermarks.


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Wednesday reblog
Oh sweety!!!! You dont have to put a Credit to Every Pic! People Are just jealous, because You Are Great and your Blog is the best marco reus Blog. So please dont care what stupid, boared People say

actually i am so confused, i saw other bloggers just post and never add the cr so i do as them. maybe that anon wants to save the original photos. but i thought the agency are too known.

thank you! darling.

Wednesday reblog

Cr: defodi

Wednesday reblog

You are beautiful.

Author: Bretz, Andreas (abr)

Wednesday reblog

Marco & Mario


Wednesday reblog
You and your Blog are just perfect

oh thank you so much dear anon.

i’m not perfect

Wednesday reblog
you think "burmi_37" is erik durm ???

idk. unfortunately we can’t know. it’s private and no icon, no post in it…

Wednesday reblog
marco follow 102 persons :-) one person more than yesterday! do you know who he is follow ? :-)

i just see, it’s a private account and has no icon :((( only know it’s @burmi_37

Wednesday reblog
You are the best blog in tumblr

serious? thank you so much!

Wednesday reblog
could you post the gif on your sidebar? its too cute!! :D

it’s from this set: [x] yeah he’s always so cute.

Wednesday reblog
what is the favorite songs of marco?

hi! i think fav songs are always updated, but in Marco’s official page, there’s a list when he did in 2012, i think if he lists another fav songs now, they will be different, but maybe at least you can learn about his taste of songs.